Tips to Increase your Salary

You may be in a position where you would like to increase your salary. It may be that you are having difficulties with making ends meet and do not want to get a loan or that you want to increase the amount that you can afford to save or that you just feel like you deserve extra pay. There are a number of ways that you can do this.

Work more hours

It may be that you will be able to work more hours in your current job. This may not be something that everyone will have the opportunity to do, as there may not be extra work available, However, it is well worth asking your employer if this is a possibility. Even working a few hours of overtime or a Saturday morning can make a big difference to how much you earn and could be enough to provide the extra money that you need. Of course, not everyone will have the energy to work extra hours or they may not be able to spare the time.

Do an additional job

If you do have the time for extra hours and there are none available at your current job, then finding a different job could be the answer. There are jobs that you can work part time alongside other jobs. It might be that you will need to find work at the weekend or in the evenings to fit around your other job. If you can find something that you enjoy then it may not even really feel like work and it could really help your finances. Also, if you are working more hours you will have less time to spend money.

Ask for a pay rise

You may be better off just asking for a pay rise in your current job. This is not always as easy as it seems though. In many jobs you will have to justify why you deserve the pay rise and many companies have not been giving many pay rises anyway. It is useful to make sure that you show that you deserve a pay rise. This means that you may have to work harder than you do already. Make yourself more useful and helpful, make sure that you are always on time and do not leave early and that you do your job to the best of your ability. This means that when you do ask for a pay rise or when the pay reviews take place, you will stand out because of your better performance and attitude. You may need to keep this up, if you want to continue to get pay rises. If you do not do this though, others might and you may be overlooked and they may get the pay rise and you may not.

Apply for a promotion

It may be the case that you will not be able to get a pay rise unless you get a promotion. It might be that you will be able to apply for this. You may need to move to a different part of the company or a different department if there is no opportunity for promotion in the one that you are currently working. You will need to be able to prove that you can do the job and that may mean doing even more than suggested when you want a pay rise. It could be wise to get to know the department that you are hoping to move to and if you can, help them out with things so that you look like a good person for them to take on. Obviously you will have to do this in your own time, rather than taking time from your current role as that could go against you in any reference that is written or verbally given by your current boss.

Find a better paid job

Some people find that the only way that they can increase their salary is to change jobs. You may find that you can find a job elsewhere and you will get paid more for the same sort of thing that you already do. It can be tricky to search for work while you are working and to take the time out for job interviews but it can be worth it. You will need to make sure that your skills are up to date though and so that might mean doing some learning first. You may need to put yourself on a training course and pay for that, but you may be able to learn the things you need without doing this, perhaps by reading books or looking online.

So, there are a lot of things that you can consider. The option that you choose will depend on how your company works, what you want to do and where your skills lie.

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